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Even when you rent a place to live you still have plenty of responsibility. You want to make sure what you own is protected in the event of some unexpected loss or mishap. And you also need liability protection for friends or visitors who might hurt themselves on your property. State Farm Agent Jenny Horoky is ready to help you handle the unexpected with reliable coverage for your renters insurance needs. Such considerate service is what sets State Farm apart from the rest. And it won’t stop once your policy is signed. If if trouble knocks on your door, Jenny Horoky can help you submit your claim. Keep your home in a rental-sweet-rental state with State Farm!
No one knows what tomorrow will bring. That’s why it makes good sense to plan for the unexpected with a State Farm renters policy. Renters insurance protects your valuable possessions with coverage. If you experience a theft or a fire, some of your possessions might have damage. Without adequate coverage, the cost of replacing your items could fall on you. It's scary to think that in one moment, everything you own could be lost or destroyed. Despite all that could go wrong, State Farm Agent Jenny Horoky is ready to help.Jenny Horoky can help offer options for the level of coverage you have in mind. You can even include protection for valuables if you take them outside your home. For example, if a pipe suddenly bursts in the unit above you and damages your furniture, your personal property is damaged by a fire, or your bicycle is stolen from work, Agent Jenny Horoky can be there to help you submit your claim and help your life go right again. Get in touch with State Farm Agent Jenny Horoky today to learn more about how the leading provider of renters insurance can protect your possessions here in Goshen, IN.

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